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  1. cool coment peace.

  2. Gods golden shore.

  3. “epico”

  4. just for a moment hold my hand and put your rifle and yo money on the ground look me in the eye and tell me that you are not human i dare youy to trie.

  5. all along the trail there is a good folk no fear point yo rifle down.

  6. me da orgullo que otro paisano le guste la musica country, saludos desde Texas.

  7. the United States the best country :)

  8. we can thank for that virtual dj…..

  9. mustangGT500302

    the horse is a Missouri Fox Trotter!

  10. quetzat coalt

    excelentes temas,la musica country es una de mi musica favorita
    saludos desde paracho,michoacan

  11. real good mix eankrom07 Darryl Dodd one of my favorite singers

  12. I love rock music !!but country is amazing :D !!!!!

  13. @Enkrom07 can you send me the mix PLEASE?

  14. RomanticoMiguel

    I like this Romantic country music ……Good songs !!! Thanks

  15. i like this mix….put some casey donahew and no justice and maby cody johnson???

  16. gladys lampeno

    nice sound

  17. SuperPabloMartins

    muito bom o som desse cara minha irma me mandou e curtir de 1

  18. texas n1 music country

  19. TheAmateurMike

    Listen, rate and comment my song. I tried to write and sing it. It would be great to hear your opinions.

  20. Vive le Texas !

  21. top country pour les fans et les routier internationale

  22. cecilia mclane

    I love this!! I love Texas Country Music!! ONLY in TEXAS the best music comes from there!! I miss TEXAS!!

  23. faltou só o drink

  24. I like this vedio :) .

  25. Howdy from San Antonio Texas!
    P.S. Nice upload! ^u^ *so happy*